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    Hi Wendy, as per my experience, you cannot trigger a flow in Podio Workflow Automation PWA (formerly known as Globiflow) based on a calculation field in Podio.

    However there is a tricky workaround to do this in Globiflow:

    Suppose the field is named as Inspection Period on which you're trying to do this:

    - Assuming we should only do this for start date, create a date flow based on that Inspection Date field as show in the screenshot.

    Trick here is to create a date flow and trigger it on the basis of 365 days, meaning, it will say as in the screenshot that start date (of Inspection Period) is now 365 days less than current date.

    This will trigger your date flow and you can do anything with your item which triggered the date, maybe create a new item in another app to let you know that this item has passed its 365 days criteria from start date.


    Note: if Start date and end date is fixed, there is no way the difference would be increased or decreased, so that's why I'm assuming that you need a flow to be triggered 365 days from the starting date of Inspection Date as compared to current date which always changes.


    Let me know if you have any questions!



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