End of sale of new Basic Plans



  • Justin VanDervort

    This is terrible.

    One - It didn't tell me this when I upgraded - or else I would have never upgraded

    Two - This discourages people from building on your platform over time. Podio has become stagnant and worthless.

    Three - I have critical data on here I need from a read-only perspective for record keeping.... and you're just going to delete it on us. I now have to try and export it all and save it as a series of data files that are pointless. Thanks Podio, for being there for us. 


    Note: I'm sure you have deleted all the other negative comments on this forum, because I see none over the last year. we'll see if this one gets deleted. 

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  • MIDE
    Thanks for letting us know, please, more charts, circulars, pies, etc. colors by category in graphics and design please
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