Assign Lead managers randomly to leads


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  • Joel Ordesky

    There are a few ways to do this, but this is a simplistic approach:

    If you add a single line text field that holds a single number (Team Seq Num). 

    In PWA make a variable that is: rand(1,max) where max is the largest possible ID from your team member app. 

    Then use a search in PWA of the team app for the field with the @Team Seq Num of the results of the rand calculation. 

    You can then populate the team member field with the data in the Team records Podio Profile field. 

    Just make sure the numbers in everyone's Team Seq Num are always sequential, so if the person with 3 leaves, slide everyone else down by one and adjust the max in the PWA app. 

    You could make a just-in-case Sanity check, so if the search of the team app returns no valid match, it tries a new random number. 

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