How to get a relationship field to show flltered list



  • Dana P

    Hi Dana Walsh,
    Thank you for posting your question here and hopefully this will get you to where you need in your Podio workspace.

    With regard to filtering relationship items, you will need to first create a view in that Contact app. In your Opportunity app you can then select that view from your related item by clicking on the "pencil" icon. Our guide to setting these up can be found here - Relationships – Podio Help Centre

    For your second question, I believe you are referring to the item layout referenced in your Opportunity app itself. You can adjust what is displayed there too by clicking the "wrench" icon and then choosing "Reference layout".
    Our guide is here - Reference badges: customise what related items look like – Podio Help Centre

    You shouldn't need any coding experience for this, as its already provided. If you have any questions, please create a support case with our team so that an agent can help you further.

    All the best,
    Dana P - Podio


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  • Dana Walsh

    Dana P. (nice name btw!), 

    Thank you for your help.  The View thing isn't really clear and it was just by happenstance while responding to this email that I finally understood/figured it out.  Before you can add a View, you first have to filter the list of records into what you want to appear in the view.  I have been missing that piece.  My assumption was that by clicking "Add" I was setting up the view from the three dropdown fields that open up.  That's a game changer.

    Related to the reference dropdowns, I'm referring to these dropdowns in the relationship fields of my Opportunity App.  In the Opportunity Owner dropdown below, I would expect to see something like: "Dana Walsh | Director of Client Services | Hyve Health | (xxx) xxx-xxxx" based on my Contact Reference Layout.

    • My Reference layout for Contacts app is set up like the below image:

    With the Record Header field being a calculation:

    However, the display of my related Contacts referenced via the Opportunity App is not formatted like the Reference layout.

    Just wondering how to edit what is displayed there.

    Thanks so much for your helpful response.

    Dana W.


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  • Dana P

    Hi Dana Walsh,

    Thank you ! Yours too.

    So, when searching in the reference field in an app like you are showing in that first picture, the "title" is always going to be the first field in the referenced application's template. So, in your contact app you can drag your "Record Header" to the top of the template to get that field to show.

    Hope that helps you out some !


     Dana - Podio

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