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    Pallabi Patnaik

    Hi Todd Ramsey

    It is always an honour to connect with our decade long customers and I am deeply sorry you feel this way. Yes, Podio had been focussing a lot on primarily the security and stability aspects for quite some time, but we have been diligent about incrementally improving our product features over the last 2 years, adding small and major user value in addition to the security and stability updates.

    Please check out our blog for 2021 Year in Review that summarises the milestones we achieved across multiple success areas in 2021 and also lays down our focus areas for 2022. Following that, there have been multiple product releases in 2022 across our web UI, performance improvement, workflow automation, mobile apps and many more. I hope you follow our Product News section as that keeps you updated with recent and upcoming releases.

    Overall, we have been making a steady progress to add more and more user value and bring in more customer delight. We cannot share a public facing product roadmap, but we do share our focus areas and vision in blogs (similar to the one shared above) and hold customer webinars where we showcase a sneakpeak of what's coming. 

    We are committed to improving and evolving Podio to help our customers work better.


    // Pallabi Patnaik - Lead Product Manager, Citrix Podio

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  • Jason Martin

    Curious if there's a response to this. I'm curious on the direction as well.

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