Cloned Meetings app from one worrk space to another



  • Bavo De Cooman

    First consider if you really need the meeting app to be cloned. It is good practice to have your data in only one place as much as possible and Podio does a great job at enabling this.

    For example, if people in workspace A and workspace B all need to be able to view all meetings, have one meetings app in workspace C to which they all have access and reference the single meetings app in a relationship where you need it.

    If you can't do without the sync, you can use Podio Workflow Automation for that (included in Podio Premium).

    - for each meetings app, create a flow that triggers on update
    - in the flow, search for the matching meeting in meeting app B. You want to have only one result, so be sure to have a field that is a unique identifier. For technical reasons, avoid searching for a numerical value (e.g. unique id without prefix). 
    - then update the collected meeting from app B with the values from app A
    - do not tick hook event to avoid that syncing A to B will trigger syncing from B to A and back infinitely

    here's a little mockup


    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards

    Bavo De Cooman

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  • Amin Velji

    Hi Bavo,


    thank you so much for your reply. I will go back to the requestor to see if we can keep the meetings app separate and see what they say. If the answer is nno then i will try what you said.

    many thanks for your help again

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