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Match field's previous value to empty

Hello all!

I am trying to automate sending out an email to the customer letting them know that an employee has been assigned to deal with their request and that they will be in contact with them soon. In the app of Requests, we have a relationship with the app of Employees, which allows us to assign an employee to a request, let's call this field "owner" (contact field). 

In Globiflow this means that I have the following statement:

IF value of OWNER has changed THEN send email to customer

The problem is that everytime the owner changes, the customer will get this email. It happens frequently that people take over within the process of the request (holidays, absence, extra resources needed...) but usually this is discussed with the customer beforehand, and to limit the amount of emails we sent out, we would like to create the following statement

IF value of OWNER before was NULL and IF value of OWNER has changed THEN send email to customer

However, the "match to field's previous value" won't let me set it to empty or null. Is there a work around or another way to do this?

Your help is very much appreciated!

Best regards,

Hendrik Leenders

Hendrik Leenders

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Hi Hendrik,

IF value of OWNER has changed 
add a custom filter: 
[OWNER] != null

then the actions: 
Get previous revision
IF (Sanity Check) = [(Prev.) OWNER] == null
Send email


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