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Creating a calculation field to define the cost of an activty because on the number of people who take it


I have a webform that is trying to calculate a budget.

First, I have the number of delegates signed up to the trip, @delegates.

I then have another App listing possible activities and associated price, e.g. @activity (cinema, museum etc) and @activityprice ($10, $15).

In my webform, the user can select the activities the group will participate in as I've set up a relationship to the activity app. But delegates can choose different activities. So I need a field that asks how many delegates will attend the cinema, how many the museum etc. I guess this is an array and the number of elements will depend on how many activities they select from the activity list.

For example, suppose we have 20 delegates and cinema=$10, museum=$15. If 10 choose the cinema and 10 choose the museum, then the total cost will be $250. But how do I get the user to enter the number of delegates for each activity?

I'm new to Podio and have very little JS expertise. Many thanks in advance for any help!


Chris Jones

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