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Citrix Podio workflow automation - GlobiFlow will become Podio's advanced workflows

Since its acquisition, GlobiFlow workflow automation has been an integral part of Citrix Podio, and has boosted the productivity of Podio users with its powerful automation. In 2018 alone, we had 700 million workflow actions triggered on this platform. Its now time for formally renaming GlobiFlow as a feature of Podio Premium and we will start refer to this as our advanced workflow automation feature.

The native Podio workflows feature is planned to be renamed to "basic workflows" in the future feature matrix to help customers differentiate between workflows in Podio and our advanced workflow automation capabilities (previously known as GlobiFlow).

We will be updating the GlobiFlow today with reference to the new feature name in the header description: Citrix Podio - workflow automation.

Citrix will refer to our brand, Podio will refer to the product - and workflow automation will be referring to the specific feature set of the advanced workflow capabilities.

To start with, we would just be updating the new name in the main header. This will gradually be followed with changing the name in GlobiFlow and Podio websites, product, articles and documentation later this year.

Podio workflow automation features are currently available on the Premium plan.

// Sara - Product Manager

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

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