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I want to create a category in multiple apps where the choices are taken from another app

Hello, I'm new to podio and i used to use google drive to do all my business

I created a work space names "Sales Department" and in this work space i created 10 Apps each app for one of my sales to use

i need a way to create a category in all these apps which has all the sales names and i need to make it update-able meaning if one of my sales left my business i can remove his name from one app and it automatically removes his name from all the other apps

how can i achieve that?

Abdelrahman Mamdouh

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The easiest way to do this is to make those category apps a relationship field to the app with dropdown options. If the category functionality is absolutely needed, then you would need a custom integration that would run the Update App API call on all of those apps anytime something in the app with the options is added/updated/deleted. 

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions/concerns and I can prepare a consulation call to review some examples of this.

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