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To do List, Archive and Delete

I am trying to create a to-do list. I have two apps for the to-do list. 

1. It is a normal To-Do list with standard fields, and one category field: start, ongoing, finished and archive. 
2. Clone of the above. 

Once we select finished, the item is duplicated (create item by Globiflow) on the cloned app (To do Archive). 

I want to delete that item from the To Do list (1 above). 

I get the error in Globfilow (PodioForbiddenError: "The app with id ...does not have the right delete on item with id ...). I am assuming it tries to delete the item in the new cloned app? 
I use username and password to login into Podio. 

Anyway, how can I accomplish this? 

Thank you in advance. 

Glauber Carvalho

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