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Special Filtering Assistance Needed

Hello all, 

In order to track our data more precisely, I'm setting some filters on all of the leads we have in our Podio. One of the filters that I'm having a hard time narrowing down - if it can be done at all - is one that is based on the date that an option was selected in our system. I'll give you the specific example:

One of the measurables for our company is how many appointments are set in the previous 7 days, and I'd like to create a filter set for those. The problem is that the lead that it's set for could have been added months ago. I specifically need the ability to filter when the "Appointment Set" button was pressed, not when the lead was created. Is there a fairly easy way to do this? 

Jason Palmer

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Hi Jason,

You could add a calculation field that returns the data & time when the category field has been last updated. 

Below you see an example where the field 'calculation' will return the last date when field 'appointment set' was updated. 

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