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Stuck on simple Sum all of a money field, base on a specific chosen option in a category field

Hi there!

I know this (i'm guessing, simple) request has been addressed here several times; however, I continue to be stuck.


I have 2 apps.
App 2: Reports app. from here i will create monthly reports reflecting data from App 1. This app has several calculation fields that calculate data from app 1.
App 1: Report Projects app. here we house all completed projects, that contain a money field (Project Print Production Cost) and a category field (Cost Center) with multiple selection enabled, that has 30 different options to chose from.


In the calculation field in App1, I need to get the sum of All money field (Project Print Production Cost) for all items, that have the specific Category field (Cost Center) option of selected (let's say option is "155"). (i have tried several calculations suggested here in this forum, with no luck.

I then plan to replicate this calculation field in App 2 (reports app) for the top-five "Cost Center" category options that have incurred the top-five higher spending "Cost Centers".

Every month, i will have Globiflow create a PDF report that will pull those calculation field results into the PDF.

It would also be fantastic if somehow i could then have to top five automatically adjusted to always reflect current highest top-five. So let's say this month cost centers 155, 130, 110, 672 & 583 have the highest expenditures, if those change from now to next month, it would be great if this is automatically updated.

John Cota

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