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Possible calculations/templates bug


As you can see in my attached screenshot, Podio is telling me that the Podio calculation field is to deep. Nonetheless, as you can also see, the field "Total non deductible expenses ($)" doesn't include "Total deductible expenses ($)", as Podio is telling me in the error. As the error came up, I tried correcting it in many ways, but it always says it is wrong. That is why I even tried deleting "Total deductible expenses ($)" from the field, to see what happened and oh surprise, the error continues. In addition, you can also see that the field "Total deductible expenses ($)" doesn't include the field "Total inputs cost with I.V.A.", which is also mentioned in the error.

It might be worth mentioning that even with the error, the template is loaded. Why? I've no idea. Last time I modified it, it loaded correctly. This time, even without modifications, it's not loading

What might be happening there?

Eduardo Bucio

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