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Support no answering. Looking for a REFUND ASAP!

Hi, I am a new user from Podio and I decided to move to the basic account,  then Podio charged me $18 because they never adviced me about charging me for 2 users if you didnt sign up using your domain email, this does not makes sense if you don't advice your customers about this, and now I decided to upgrade to the Plus plan, now you billed me $14 plus $52 extra more. I need you to refund me those $52 ASAP, id been trying to contact support with no luck, I really like your CRM but the support is not offering any high end customer service, all you have is a kind of an automatic bot response. Please I need you to refund thos $52 ASAP, no waiting, I need a response ASAP, I want to continue with your service, please fix my domain organization, refund my $52 and take those $14 for that Plus plan, I will be waiting for your response.

Nazry Dahbura

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Hi Nazry,

Thank you for creating a support ticket. My colleague Rahamathunissa Khan has reached out to you and will help assist you with this. 

I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Sean / Podio

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