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Backup/Restore - built-in, complete, cost-effective, self-service and provides restore to a particular point-in-time-

Hi Podio team,

I am re-posting my query/comments as a new thread, because the post I had added this to a couple of weeks ago is marked as "answered" so maybe that's why it is not getting a response from you.


--- start

I have just started using Podio to build my business applications and I find it absolutely brilliant.. the possibilities of the applications I can build are just amazing. So first of all, well done on creating a great tool.

However, I have been developing IT systems long enough to have been bitten by the 'accidental delete' situation. Thankfully for myself it has only had minor impact, but I have also seen some absolute horror stories. That's why tonight I decided I needed to understand backup/restore in Podio before I get too far down the road, and in doing so, I found this thread.

First thing to say is that I absolutely agree with everything the users on this thread have said - for any business owner with a business running on Podio that likes to sleep at night, it is absolutely essential to have the ability to backup Everything, and also it restore Everything. And to be clear, by "everything", I mean items, files, workflows, etc... i.e. everything.

Ok, maybe not everyone is interested in backing up every element in Podio (e.g. chat, files, whatever), but then other companies will need to backup every single piece. So the functionality should be in the product, and maybe selectors so that individual companies can select what they want to backup/restore or not

But I have to say, I am quite disappointed with the responses from Podio in this thread, especially since 6 years has passed since the original post. Other than the CTO's response 6 years ago and then Jacquelyn's very honest response 3 years ago, I don't see Podio demonstrating an understanding of the concerns being raised by the users on this thread. To be clear (again), a business needs to be able to restore from a backup to recover from a critical situation in moments, not hours or days.. and they need to be able to do it themselves. These are just facts of doing business today! Come on, guys.. you should know this

So I have now spent my evening looking at alternatives to Podio because I can't move forward and build my business platform on a system that doesn't allow me to backup/restore at a click of a button (without paying excessive additional fees for an externally-provided extension... I'll pay more for backup/restore, but an extra $49/month and it still doesn't backup everything is a joke, right?)

Just for your info, it seems your competitors "get it" and are offering it. Here is a screenshot from the in-app backup/restore page for Zoho Creator. I have not started a paid subscription with them yet because I'm still looking at whether they do all the other things that I need, but they clearly tick the box in terms of self-service backup/restore

As I said at the start, you guys have a great tool and I want to carry on using it to build my business and other businesses on. But until you fix this glaring hole, I'm afraid you are losing business and falling behind your competition

 -- end


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Many thanks

Kind regards,

Gavin S

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