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email to item with attachment

I am forwarding emails to items. the emails show up in the comment Thread. Is there a way to move the attachment to the email from the comments thread into the item under documents?

linde van ittersum

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Hi Linde,

When you use the email to app feature and upload a file to the email, the file that you upload will show up under the "Files" field in your app :)

Sean Miller 0 votes

hi sean,


I see this feature and it is wonderful. However, i want to add attached files to my email to an already existing item. When i use the 'email to item' feature, the email and attachment show up in the activity log. if i wanted to add the attachment i cannot simply drag and drop it from there to the documents/files field on the item but have to download the file first to my computer and then manually upload it again. 

would be nice if attachments were to inserted automatically onto the item when emailed to item.


linde van ittersum 0 votes