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Calendar exports

When you export a calendar to another service such as office 365 or google the information that goes into the body has two issues that I’d like to see solved. Possibly the second is easiest to solve
1. I’d oike to be able to select which fields of data go into the body of the calendar
2. At least put the link to the Podio item on one line and the contents of the first multi line text field on the other line. Also please keep the formatting of the multi line text field

Kent Watson

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Hi Kent,

Unfortunately this isn't very modular using the built in calendar export tools. This is however, definitely possible using the Podio API and the Microsoft Azure/Office 365 API (also possible with most other calendar software out there since they almost all have APIs at this point).

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at, and we can set up a conference call to do a screenshare.

All the best!

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