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GlobiFlow and counting items in a view

I want to create a daily flow that will collect a count of items in a specific app in a specific view, and from what I googled I think I should be using GET /item/app/{app_id}/count
when I try the Sandbox it works fine, but when I open GlobiFlow, and use POST/GET it's asking me for a lot more info:
- Header?
- whether POST or GET
- From URL
- I assume I'm putting /item/app/XXXXXXX/count?view_id=XXXXXXXX in Params
Apologies, I am not sure I have set something up as a prerequisite to using this POST/GET (API keys etc.). I'm not an IT expert, just trying to make the most out of Podio/GlobiFlow, so those keys/tokens need to taken from somewhere or created somewhere I'd appreciate a guide FOR DUMMIES. :)
thanks in advance
Jan Czerbak

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