Add filters and tags on the "Activity" wall in work spaces



  • Welch Mett

    To configure the properties of the timeline control, in the form designer, select the timeline control inside the section. The properties appear in the right pane.

    The timeline control can be configured and tailored to support specific business needs. The timeline form is composed of features and functionality you configure in the timeline control, which is then displayed in a model-driven app form at runtime.

    The following sections describe how to configure display options, advanced settings, rows to show, and activity types to include.

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  • Stevie Redd

    Nice stuff, thanks Nadège AUSTIN myaarpmedicare for suggest such a great feature, Really appreciate.

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  • Dana P

    Hi Nadège AUSTIN

    Thank you for reaching out to us here with that request. 

    You can find out more information about using Tiles here - Home and workspace tiles – Podio Help Centre.

    Beyond this, maybe we can gather some more information about your requests 

    • filter by Tag
    • mention easily any item in the workspace

    Have a safe and wonderful day!

    All the best,

    Dana - Podio

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  • Nadège AUSTIN

    Hi Dana,

    Thank you for your answer. To give you more info about what I meant with "filter by Tag" and "mention easily any item in the workspace" :

    * filter by tag : we can set tags for all items in the workspace. Would it be possible to have a filter at the top of the activity stream, with all the tags used in the workspace, which would allow to show only the activity posts related to items tagged with the selected tag. Example : in my "Meetings" app I used tags like "Energy", "Biodiversity", "Waste". I use the same tags in another app called "Projects", and in another app called "Deliverables". If I could filter my activity stream by tag, I could choose to show only activity posts concerning items tagged "Energy" for example. 

    * mention items : in the app, the auto-complete function in the "relation" fields is extremely efficient and useful. I would be super efficient to be able to use it also in the activity stream, when I add a post (not an automatic update, but an actual manual post). Example : I want to publish a post updating my team about several workspace items at the same time. I could mention those items by using a special character like @ for example (@ is used for people, we could imagine another one for items, maybe "&"), it would then add a direct link to those items.

    My other proposals also concern the use of the activity stream to inform the team with manual posts : add image, add tag, mention items from the workspace, would be extremely useful !

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