More Control over Notifications Which Are Sent Out to Followers



  • Bill Carovano

    I wholeheartedly agree that this would be really beneficial. 

    If you haven't already explored them, I want to note that there are ways to reduce notifications today.

    At the Podio app level, there is a setting called "Disable notifications for items created / edited / deleted for users that follow this app" that enables users to follow the app and reduce the number of notifications they receive.

    If you are using Podio Workflow Automation, note that the "silent" option for item creation, item update, and comment creation can be really helpful to reduce notifications.

    In addition, the Podio extension Procfu can be used to perform other activities silently that PWA cannot--such as creation of tasks, attachment of files, marking tasks complete, and a number of other things.



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  • Abdul Hadi

    Thank you so much Bill. I disabled already the notifications in the advanced app settings as you suggested. But still each time when I update a file, change a file, add a file, remove a follower etc, the other followers get unnecessary notifications. 

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  • Nadège AUSTIN

    I agree with this feature request ! I use Podio to keep my colleagues informed about the projects we carry in our NGO. Every single time I change an item the colleagues linked to the item receive a notification that is unnecessary and confusing to them. Most of them don't care about taking the time to connecting to their Podio account and disabling notifications. A "silent change" option, either at the time of each modification or as a general option, would be most useful.

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