Globiflow how to get podio item url from item id



  • Mike Demunter

    Any Podio item can be reached via<podioitemid>, for example

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  • Dirk Spannaus

    Can Podio Automation (Globiflow) not directly link the just created item as URL in a comment to this item?


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  • Khang Nguyen

    The above method does not currently work for me.

    When I opened the new Podio item (created by the Workflow Automation), the URL shows a different much smaller 3 digit number at the end.

    Where as the item ID (created and provided as a field within Workflow Automation) is a 10 digit number.

    It is also the same item ID shown when I open the Podio item to view Actions > Developer Info.

    Any solutions on how to create a URL to the newly created item within Workflow Automation?

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  • Joel Ordesky


    There are at least two URL's for calling a Podio items. 

    You are describing the method you see Podio using in system which leverages the shorter app item id or @unique id.

    Mike's method is leveraging the Podio Item ID (or long ID number) which is agnostic of the App identification information. PWA refers to this and the "Item Id". 

    Both methods will call the item correctly. 

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