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    Pallabi Patnaik

    Dear Users,

    Glad to let you know that we have released a new look for Podio this week. This includes a brand new color palette, modern & retina ready icons and many more updates. Check out details here: 

    Hope you like it! Cheers,

    // Pallabi - Citrix Podio Product Manager

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  • Lisa von Sturmer

    Agreed!!  I've been using podio since 2013 and it has *yet* to update or change any of its UI.  I had originally debated using Asana, but the podio workflows were better at the time.  Now, Asana has workflows as well as continually improving functionality and significantly better UI.  I don't want to switch everything over, especially since podio is still a very powerful platform... but it's really hideous and sometimes very clunky to navigate.  It's almost 8 years now without any real update here... we can't even add branding (the most basic of customization)?!

    I doubt podio will respond, since it seems like citrix isn't very invested in developing or improving the platform anymore.  I hope they surprise me and roll out something new :(

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    We are preparing this behind the scenes :) Stay tuned. Lisa, please hang on a little bit longer. 

    If you're interested to join our private beta program and offer feedback on this type of improvement, please sign the Citrix NDA and contact our Support team with request to join: 

    You can refer to this post as approved by Product Management to join our beta program.

    Also, not really true about the 8 years with no UX overhaul, we have done many round of updates here along the way although structural foundation of Podio remains the same.


    /Sara - Product Manager

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  • Stuart Kibbe

    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen my company is a Citrix partner and I would be interested in joining the beta program. I didn't see a way to get started .. can you help!

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  • Stuart Kibbe

    Hi Sara,
    I have an executed Citrix NDA. May I please join your Podio beta? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you! Best wishes, Stuart

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