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    Pallabi Patnaik

    Dear User,

    Glad to let you know that we have released a new look for Podio this week. This includes a brand new color palette, modern & retina ready icons and many more updates. Check out details here: 

    Specifically talking about our new color palette, it now supports brighter shades and goes well with our new fresh and brighter theme of the UI. Moreover we now have 16 category colors to choose from so as to give users a better flexibility.

    Hope you like it! Cheers,

    // Pallabi - Citrix Podio Product Manager

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  • Dana P

    Hi Miguel,

    This would be an incredible improvement to the overall look and feel of the platform and completely agree that I would love to see this as well.

    All I am able to say, is that we are working to improve Podio all the time. I will definitely add your request to this improvement in our feature requests.


    Dana - Podio

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  • Miguel Neves

    Hi Pallabi Patnaik

    Thanks for replying...Already using the new look. It's better for sure, even though I think the custom colours should be the Podio team goal for the customers.

    Looking forward to more updates. 



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