Has Podio stopped progressing?


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    Pallabi Patnaik

    Hi Daniel Bauer,

    I do understand your apprehension regarding new functionalities on Podio.

    Podio has been focussed on security and scalability enhancements and hence we have not been able to deliver many new functionalities. In fact, it is not just Podio, but most other Citrix products also have their primary focus on security and scalability as it is the need of the hour. We want to provide a more reliable platform for our customers first.

    In line with your concern of troubles you face on Podio, our team has been consistently delivering optimisations and upgrades to Podio over the last couple of months that have significantly improved product performance. Details about some of the major upgrades have been communicated in our Product News section. Would recommend you to positively follow this page to be aware of all new major releases.

    In addition to these major optimisations, there have been multiple minor releases that contribute to incrementally enhancing Podio. If you are interested in learning about these and testing new beta releases, I will be happy to add you as a Beta user. That will let you be aware of and submit your feedback and thoughts on upcoming features, as well as help us test beta features before they are released to all user. 

    Having said that, we are also working on multiple collaboration initiatives in parallel. Let me know if you would be willing to share feedback as part of our discovery processes.


    Pallabi Patnaik

    Podio Product Manager

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