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  • Bill Carovano
    Podio is designed so that users own their accounts.  This is done to facilitate people who work across multiple Podio organizations.  So only a person with access to the user account can delete the user account.
    (As a side note, a number of other Cloud-based systems, such as Hubspot, feature the same design approach for user accounts) 
    However, if what you mainly want to do is remove people from your workspaces who are no longer active, you could use the Procfu automation extension for Podio/Globiflow.  You can think of Procfu as a front-end scripting tool for the Podio API.
    1. Use this script to get user information.  Note that a user might be inactive on a workspace outside of your own Organization, so this won't necessarily reflect activity in your workspaces.  You would need to parse the results of this procfu script to get the "last_seen_on" date.
    2. Use this script to remove the user:
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