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Upcoming file migration for workflow automation

On 11th May 2020, Podio workflow automation (previously GlobiFlow) will be moving all file hosting from Rackspace Cloud Files to Amazon S3. This is planned in continuation to the upgrade done back in September 2019, where we moved the hosting of your advanced workflows from Rackspace, US to Amazon Web Services in Ireland, EU. While this transition should be seamless for most, some customers will be required to take action.


What is changing?

  • We are transferring hosted files from Rackspace Cloud Files to Amazon S3
  • We are enforcing HTTPS on all file requests
  • Any files hosted on pfuserfiles and uploaded more than 1 year ago will be deleted


What do I need to do?

  • If you make use of the HTTPS protocol on URLs to your Podio workflow automation-hosted files, you will be required to change the URL wherever you use it on or after 11th May 2020.


  • If you do not use any of the old URLs listed above, you can ignore the URL change.
  • If for any reason you rely on files hosted on pfuserfiles that are older than 1 year, you will need to re-upload them before 11th May 2020


What if I use HTTP for my hosted files?

Most customers should not have to take any action. Any HTTP request will be automatically redirected to HTTPS, and most clients such as browsers will follow the redirect. For example, a request to an embedded JS file such as will be automatically redirected to seamlessly.

However, we have seen some 3rd party clients ignore redirects in the past. If you are requesting hosted files using a script or 3rd party service, please ensure you update the URLs to use HTTPS on or after 11th May 2020.


What if I have files hosted on pfuserfiles that were uploaded more than 1 year ago?

You will need to re-upload those files before 11th May 2020. This is done by re-running the flow hosting the files.


We have planned the date for this move as 11th May 2020 so as to provide users enough time (~ 8 weeks) to make any necessary changes and be prepared. If you have questions or concerns about this upcoming change, feel free to send in your queries as comments below or reach out to our team here.


Pallabi Patnaik

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Question to the above:

I was told in relation to public url for images hosted in Podio the following:

If you use the "Image (Public URL)" field token to store Podio image files publicly, AND use the HTTPS URL manually, then:

You need to replace or update all instances of "" with "" in your use case.

However this not quite how it works for me. 

I have an image stored on a Podio item. I get Globiflow to give me the Public URL. I get a URL that is:

Will this URL which is http: redirect to the https: so I do not need to change all of my hard coded flows that use this existing URL.  Does the age of the originally hosted file and or the age of the Public URL matter as long as the URL is through as opposed to directly through the url. 

Joel Ordesky (Private Guru) 0 votes
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Hi Joel Ordesky (Private Guru)

- The age of the file matters as long as the file is directly uploaded on GF. If the file is more than a year old, then it should be re-uploaded.

- But if the file was originally uploaded to Podio and GF is just consuming the file which currently still exists in Podio, then no action is needed.

Hope this answers your query.

Pallabi Patnaik 0 votes
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Not sure if this really gets to the heart of the question. Clearly, things with URL that reference the are a problem.

It also seems likely that will redirect to however the whole issue of things uploaded to Globiflow that are over a year old vs Podio Items consumed by Globiflow does not seem to address items that are in Podio but were moved onto the CDN for consumption by a Public URL for images.

I think the unanswered question is does an existing previously created public URL simply consume an image off Podio or does the public URL request, push content to a CDN and if so it would seem that the age of the pushed file might be an issue, however, it would very hard to know the age of such public URL and resulting files and replacing them might not be as easy if the public URL is being used as described above as a hardcoded link. 

I am guessing if a Flow calls for the public URL or uses the Podio image link that the file is pushed to the CDN each time the flow is used so in that method of use this migration would not be an issue. Again, it is the possible issue of items in Podio for which there is a public URL that was created over a year ago and therefore I am wondering if that created a file.

My own research implies it is highly likely that the old links created referencing files that are on Podio are not really referencing them but are referencing files that were pushed to the CDN when the URL was created. It seems that each time a public URL is created or referenced via a flow that the image file from Podio is re-pushed to the CDN (not the most storage efficient model) and if that is the case the notification should be amended to clarify that Public URL's for images that were generated over a year ago and are still in use due to a hardcoded use of that link need to be refreshed prior to the date in May and replaced in their code. 

Joel Ordesky 0 votes
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