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Your ideas: Multiple projects to multiple investors... and vice versa?

Hi all

I'm looking for ideas!

I'm CEO of a consulting company. One of our main activities is to present investments projects to potential investors. So I have an app to track project advancement, and another one to track investor relationships. The thing is, investors may look at a variety of projects.

Right now, on an investor item, I can reference the projects that I've presented to that investor. However, I can't properly track his view on one individual project.

I'm thinking of separating referenced projects & adding a "status" dropdown for each; for example: Reference project #1, status #1; Referenced project #2, status #2 etc. however I can see there will quickly be a limit to the usefulness of this...

Ideally I can then use this data to build a nice little table to send to my clients (projects) with a clean list of the investors I've showed their project to, and the status of their review of the project.

What would you guys do?

Pierre Cattoire

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