Formatting for Text Heading As Calculation



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Jasha, 
    the numbers you get are the ids of the app and the field in that app you reference with @all of ... 

    With @all of ... you get an array - that array you must parse to a string or you must pick one element out of the array to display it as text, number, date in the calculation field.  What you need is: 

    var txt = "@All of Status Description";
    var txt = txt != "" ? txt.toString() : "";

    : "" means: if the field Status in Deliverables is empty show nothing; you can replace "" with any text like "no status selected"

    Btw: Try instead of dummyimage - you can create nicer headings with less effort. 


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  • Jamie Oarton

    Great shout Rainer. Every day I'm trawling back through these forums posts and finding new and innovative ways to make my Podio better :)

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