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Reduce the size of font, or fit on screen option?


Is there a way to zoom in/out or reduce the size of cards in Card View of apps? In particular, I have an app that has ~15 categories that I want displayed as columns and another ~15 displayed as rows (creating a matrix). I was able to accomplish this, but the really annoying thing is that I cannot scroll easily (since the app has its own scrolling independent of the browser) or view all the contents of the app (I have a 25" screen, with as high a resolution as possible). I have tried full screen view. 

It would be awesome if I could shrink the column / row sizes along with the Card sizes. Any way to do that?

Priyank Pandey

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Hi Priyank,

The card view is only one of several layout options available. If card view doesn't provide enough space, I instead recommend using the table layout to compact your information further. However, we're always working to improve the platform, and this is something we might be able to add in the future.

Thanks for your feedback!

April Hamilton
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Thanks for letting me know. Yes, if the card size could be reduced that would be amazing! The table view is nice, but what I like about the card view is that you can create a matrix of categories across rows and columns which helps us in our workflow. Fingers crossed that devs can add this sizing feature. 

Priyank Pandey 0 votes
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