Reduce the size of font, or fit on screen option?



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    April Hamilton

    Hi Priyank,

    The card view is only one of several layout options available. If card view doesn't provide enough space, I instead recommend using the table layout to compact your information further. However, we're always working to improve the platform, and this is something we might be able to add in the future.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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  • Priyank Pandey

    Thanks for letting me know. Yes, if the card size could be reduced that would be amazing! The table view is nice, but what I like about the card view is that you can create a matrix of categories across rows and columns which helps us in our workflow. Fingers crossed that devs can add this sizing feature. 

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  • Ben Kern

    I second Priyank!  As a preferred partner I have had a lot of clients recently that want to use the card view (I think they've been turned onto it because of Trello) but it falls short very quickly when they want to start moving cards around into different rows/columns but they arent able to view all the available rows/columns at once...   Id suggest making the default width of the app items container (regardless of layout type) to just by dynamic based on the screen resolution of the user.  So I, on a 3840x2160 monitor, would be able to view roughly 15 columns without scrolling when in card view layout.

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  • Dana P

    Thank you for contacting us here with your request!

    My deepest apologies that we currently do not offer this feature in Podio. However, what I have done is to update our request list to include your comments and concerns with regard to it. 

    While we do not have an estimation as to when we would expect it to be rolled into the platform, we will evaluate this and determine the best way to go about implementing it for a possible future update.

    Have a safe and wonderful day!

    All the best,

    Dana - Podio

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