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Strong Customer Authentication and EU Compliant Credit Card Payments

PSD2 Compliance in EU

According to the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), designed by the countries of the European Union, strong customer authentication (SCA) is a requirement on payment service providers within the European Economic Area. This aims at providing enhanced security levels for electronic payments, by enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA).

PSD2 and SCA are expected to better protect consumers when they pay online, promote the development and use of innovative online and mobile payments and make cross-border European payment services safer. For more details, refer to Regulatory Technical Specifications.


The SCA requirement becomes mandatory in the EU starting 14 September 2019. The EU and many banks are already working towards adapting to this change. Podio has also completed changes on its end to adapt to this new requirement and is ready to function as per PSD2 starting 14 September 2019.

Geographical impact

PSD2 has enforced SCA in the EU only, i.e. credit cards for banks and payment providers within Europe. This change has not yet been mandated in other parts of the world like US, APAC. Having said that, it is a crucial step towards more secured payments and many banks, even outside Europe, are moving towards enabling SCA. So it would not be a surprise if US or APAC bank cards also mandate SCA in future.

Hence, the changes done on Podio are not limited to any geographical boundaries. If your bank card supports PSD2 and SCA, then Podio will automatically provide you the PSD2 compliant experience and if your card does not, then you would continue with the old payment flow on Podio.

Checklist - What you need to know and do!

It brings in a change for you if:

  • You are adding new credit card on Podio (either while Upgrading from Free to Paid or while Updating/changing to another Credit Card)
  • Your new credit card is PSD2 compliant, therefore, needs SCA for processing the payment

What change would you notice?

  • While making a payment via or adding a PSD2 compliant credit card for your Podio billing, you will be required to make a penny payment and undergo Multi-factor Authentication (One Time Password received on mobile number or another form of verification).
  • Once your card is added, recurring payments will not need any further two-step verification.
  • Screenshots attached below for the new experience.

It does not affect you if you:

  • Do not pay for Podio via credit card
  • Already have your credit card added on Podio i.e. recurring payments will not be affected by this change
  • Are adding a new credit card which is not PSD2 compliant / SCA enabled from bank's end

We take your data and privacy very seriously at Citrix and this new compliance standard helps us protect your data even better in the future. Please let us know if you have any questions or contact our team directly using "Contact support" in the top right corner of the HelpCentre.


Screenshots for illustrating the changes:


New Section for Entering Card Details while Upgrading


Intermediary Screen for Multi-Factor Authentication before payment is processed

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