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Mass Delete Connections

Hi all,


After joining the Globiflow workspace, I suddenly had literally thousands of new contacts. This is not helpful when @messaging someone who I actually work with and having to sift through all these strangers. On another note, they also loaded onto my phone automatically. Incredibly frustrating.


Only being able to delete 20 of these at a time is extremely time-consuming. Connections/contact management could stand to be more robust considering the different ways people work together on Podio. At least being able to mass delete contacts with a checkmark system and keep them from repopulating would be very nice.

Patrick Hanan

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Is there anybody out there? Same here, I want to cleane my contacts on the phone but have to manually remove +4k contacts with 20 each time. Come on, this is not nice.

Ron van der Plas 0 votes

Hi Patrick,

When you go to your Connections page, once you keep scrolling down, more connections will load. You can remove more than the initial 20 by letting your connections list load a few times, then select the button at the top next to "Connections" > click on the arrow to the right > "remove connection" - this should allow you to remove a bulk about larger than 20. 

For the phone contacts, this is actually something you will need to turn on/off in your phone's settings. 

/Kelley - Podio

Kelley Markoff 0 votes

Thanks Kelley. It froze up on me a few times, but in batched of about 300 connections at a time, that did the trick.

Patrick Hanan 0 votes