Currency field - Change to 3 digits after the decimal and keep the data?


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  • Shaheen Michelle Samavati

    Hi Lee, 

    I had the same issue. I was told the only solution is to change from a currency field to a number field.  Of course, if you work in multiple currencies this is not ideal.  You would need to create a separate field to keep track of the currency of the number. 

    At any rate; yes you can migrate everything over. You need to create a new number field in your app; export all of your data into an Excel, then import the Excel data, assigning the values that were previously in the currency field to the new number field. 

    You will need to toggle on the little key during the last step of the import, to make sure you update your existing entries rather than create a a bunch of duplicate entries.  I hope that makes sense! 

    Good luck, 



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