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Real Estate App Calculates A Net Offer (Category, Money) - It needs work though. I'm stuck.

Great community here guys, so thanks in advance.

I buy real estate and I need assistance on a "calculations" field.

This App allows me to put in 3 values "manually" - the: ARV, CMV and DMV (money fields)

Then muliply one of those selections by a "catagory" field called/labeled "discount"

Finally there are times when I deduct the repairs and there are times when I don't.

So therfore I have a "category" field called labeld "repairs" with a simple Yes/No.

In math terms this looks like: ARV X .70 - Repairs = Our Offer

I'll add in other deductions later but what should this code look like?

This is what I have there now:


You'll notice right not this simply does: Offertype x DISCOUNT = Offer

However this is not a great function as the ARV and CMV are "hard coded" and the new version will allow us to select "Base Factor"

All I have to do is create a catagory and put ARV, CMV and DMV then reference those Money fields which when the calculation happens it will see which catagory is selected.

I hope that makes sense as I'm having to add fields and change the calculations as I add in things hense why i need help.

Good part is if you get it working once I can add everything else in.

(see photo) -


Randy D

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I failed to include:


Here is what I have in the current "calculation" field:


var type = @Offer Type
var discount = @Discount
var cmv = @CMV
var arv = @ARV
if (type == "N/A") { 0 }
else if (type == "Buy and Hold" || type == "Short Sale" || type == "Owner Finance" || type == "Owner Lease Option" || type == "etc....." ){ cmv * discount }
else if (type == "Wholesale" ||type == "Rehab") { arv * discount }

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