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Fix for sharing across workspaces

On youtube, there are several videos (Focalogical) that will walk you through the process, tedious though it is, of "pushing" data to and from workspaces, not just between apps- whether they be files or data from various, selected fields.

This was VERY important to me because I am in marketing, and I don't want my various partners within the same market to know what leads I am sharing with the other partners within the market. Also, if partner 1 is not following up with a lead that I push to him, I want to be able to withdraw it and then reassign it to partner 2, or 3, and so on.

I created a Master HUB with ALL the data my leads will ever have or need. Then, using Globiflow, I programmed flows (thanks youtube) that send information to specific Apps in Assigned Workspaces for each partner with whom I work. This allows me to send them only what I want them to see, only what they need to see, and then take it back if they drop the ball--- all from my own Master HUB workspace. I can also limit the amount of information that is pushed down to the partners individual workspace app. 

Even better, I was able to program Globiflows that would then automatically update the Master HUB Workspace and associated apps within it whenever the App in my partner's own workspace (within my overall master organization) was updated. That way, I don't have to go looking in their workspaces to see what they have been doing--- their workspaces automatically update mine. Nice.

So.. yes, it is possible. Yes, it is a pain. Yes, you have to figure it out. ....

But guess what, nothing else exists out there that is even remotely as flexible and customizable. 

Trust me. I have looked. 

Thank you Lord for Globiflow and YOUTUBE!

Daniel Moody

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I can confirm your praise of Globiflow :)  Brilliant tool. 

One tip: If you aren't already a member of the Globiflow workspace join that communitiy (you find the link in Globflow Help). Best community I've ever been in - with knowledge base,FAQ, direct contact to the Globiflow developers and many helpful Podio- and Globiflow experts who answer (almost) every question. 

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