Viewing tasks on mobile app



  • Sandangku OnlineShop

    You must upgrade your OS or Update you apps sir..

    Iam not sure but you can try it..


    Kaos Murah Kaos Distro Desain Kaos


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  • Eugen Baryshnikau

    +1 to Dean. For the moment there is no task list when viewing an item in Android app (latest version 4.0.0). You can add tasks to the item, but cannot view them right away. And if the task is not mine (neither assigned to me, nor by me) it's just impossible to find it at all. This is really annoying. We often have projects with multiple tasks assigned to and by different people. And currently there is no way to control which tasks are completed when viewing an item.

    So, dear Podio team, please add a task list to the item view on Android app. Thanks.

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  • D. H. B. Marcos

    I want to see the tasks in item view, like in web interface PC. Please, implement this feature for us working better.

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  • Admin BVOT

    Hi Podio,
    I can see task in item when use ios. But android not. Please updae android.

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  • Klas Nützmann

    Is this something that will be fixed soon? 2years later and still only IOS that this works on. Really anoying when multiple people are working on a project and only some can get see tasks being done in the app they are working in.

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