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Gravity Form plugin does not show one of my applications

I am trying to use the Gravity Form plugin that I purchased from Podio (for quite a hefty price).

I created a new app "X" in Podio in my workspace "Y". 

When configuring my Gravity Form + Podio integration, I select the account and the workspace that my application is in, but my application "X" is not listed there (though "A", "B" and "C" are)

I have checked all the settings and watched the tutorial video twice and I am doing everything right.

Does anyone know why my app is not showing app?

Raphi Stein

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Hi Raphi,

this Gravity Form plugin is just an extension that a third party provider is offering fro Podio.
I suggest you get in touch with them to fix the issue, as we have nothing to do with that.

Also, you may want to take a look at Podio Webforms, a core Podio feature that seems to do exactly what you're trying to achieve with Gravity Form.


Domenico Matteo
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