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User Levels/Permissions

Guys, seriously, how hard it is to create this, if you need help I'll literally donate some of my developers to you to have this implemented...

#1 - When adding a new user - assign roles/levels/permission (whatever you want to call it). 
This will allow us to group our team based on their access permissions (among others)

This is just an example. It can be pre-decided by you or you could let us create our own "groups":

Admin - top level

         PM - sublevel 1

                Worker - sublevel 2

#2 - Add another option to app fields where you can control that field's visibility.

For example:

I have a project and inside that I have a field that says "Budget".

I select "Visible to" and select "PM and above".

Everything would work literally the same, just my developers won't see the financial information behind a project/company. They won't see client's contact information and similar...

This will allow me to start using Podio so much more and literally depend on it. It's such a great tool and I'm currently only using it to assign tasks to developers as I can't do anything else with it without compromising some information...

I don't care how much you charged for this, I'd buy any subscription you have to offer....

It's a major feature that's seriously MISSING and most of your competitors have it, to your demise.

What's up with not doing this for years and years and years, seriously?

I really want to love Podio and I've been giving you a chance since 2009 but I don't understand how some crucial functionality is still missing....



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Hi Nick! I agree with you that could be useful features. But for now, you can already do a lot of thing to keep control on informations. The first thing: play with workspace and flow. Use a "Public" workspace that you can share with everyone, but keep private (financial or other) in another workspace. Just link both app and use flow to update fields that both app share. Also, if user don't have access to workspace, he won't see anything else in the relationship field layout except the title (so even if you set layout to show financial or other data, if user don't have access to this workspace/app, he won't see this information). A use case: share a profil with external member so he can update address, phone, email. This is linked to our "private" member app where we have a lot more informations. But external member doesn't see anything about that. If member update profil, a flow is triggered and update our private app.

Jean-Claude Massé -2 votes

I fully and completely agree with Nick!!

This feature would greatly improve our Podio experience.

Vio Achim 3 votes

+1 for Nicks Request!
One of the biggest turn-off for most of my businesses using Podio is to have to reveal our complete customer database to everybody in the company. Hiding certain data in other workspaces may also not be really convenient, and sometimes we just want to hide certain fields inside an item to certain user groups.

Please create a service where admins can give customized user access permissions to admin-defined groups.

Marten Rauschenberg 0 votes