Building a Report App across some other Apps



  • Mike Adams

    Hi Albert,

    I'm doing something similar, so I'll give you details on what I'm doing

    You can build a report app in Podio and get it reference related app items based on a search. To do that automatically we use Globiflow and I have attached an image of a flow that makes three different searches to create three item lists that can then be manipulated for a report (sum, min, max and other calculations). The flow below triggers on 'item updated' but it can also create items based on a reporting period. Globiflow can only search for items based on text, date or calculation fields so I needed to perform calculations in the source app in order to do the the search (Open owner code is a calculation).

    Once you have the right item lists related to your report app you use javascript to do just about anything - if you are good at javascript.

    See my recent post called  on multi-value category calculations for some example code

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  • Albert Zhang

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for taking a look at my case! Yes, I heard Globiflow before, I feel what you said may be a solution for us, but I've got to have a look at Globiflow first. BTW, are you familiar with Javascript? Honestly, I have forgotten everything of it since I finished the course in my university.

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