Podio API - Getting tasks with "completed" parameter issues



  • Marek Hruzik

    Hi Joshua,

    I have just tested the API call and it works fine for me. All of the following work and return correct data:

    GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=0
    GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=1
    GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=False
    GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=True

    You should never get an empty body back - if no tasks are found you should get an empty array.
    Can you paste your request?


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  • Joshua Tzucker

    Thank you Marek for responding. You are absolutely correct about the empty array; I meant to say that the return was a body with just an empty array (" [ ] "), which is what I was seeing. 

    Things got even more bizarre today. I a totally newbie when it comes to OAUTH or any kind of authentication protocol, so I went step by step through different ways of accessing the Podio API earlier today to make sure I was doing it correctly and recording where I encountered unexpected results. Here are/were my findings: 

    As you can see, I only encountered an expected empty array return when using the username & pass authentication method, which is what my Node.js code is using.

    I ran these tests in the morning (around 8-9 AM). I just now (8-9 PM) tested the username & password method, and for some reason, now it is working, and it returns a full array of results. To make sure it wasn't my fault and that I didn't just start making requests correctly, I tried my Node.js program, which I never modified the code for, and it too is now working, whereas earlier it was failing because it was only retrieving an empty array.

    So coincidence or not... issue solved? I guess?


    EDIT: I feel kind of stupid about this, but I'm 80-90% sure this is now related to something a lot more simple than authentication flows... I think the profile belonging to the username and password I was using for API access through the user/pass flow did not have access to the workspaces/apps that I was trying to retrieve tasks for. I think it suddenly started working because a task inadvertently got added today to workspaces that it DID have access to.

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