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Podio API - Getting tasks with "completed" parameter issues

I seem to have run into an issue. I'm trying to retrieve a list of incomplete tasks that are assigned to a specific user. This is for code on Node.js, but I'm testing with Postman first to make sure my API calls are working. 

I'm following the documentation here, and everything works perfectly, until I try to add "completed: false" as a parameter so that I only return incomplete tasks. As soon as I add that to the params, I get a response that is just the response headers, with a completely empty body. To make things more strange, my request will work if I use "completed : true" as the parameter, but that has the opposite effect of what I desire (this would be an awesome bug if I wanted to show a user a list of all their completed tasks).

I have tried the following just in case: (completed : false), (completed: False), (completed: 0), (completed: no), (completed: off) and ALL of them return just headers and an empty body.

I have tried searching everywhere and looking through tons of documentation, but I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue. Hopefully someone here will have some insight...

Joshua Tzucker

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Hi Joshua,

I have just tested the API call and it works fine for me. All of the following work and return correct data:

GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=0
GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=1
GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=False
GET /task?responsible=(user_id)&completed=True

You should never get an empty body back - if no tasks are found you should get an empty array.
Can you paste your request?


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Thank you Marek for responding. You are absolutely correct about the empty array; I meant to say that the return was a body with just an empty array (" [ ] "), which is what I was seeing. 

Things got even more bizarre today. I a totally newbie when it comes to OAUTH or any kind of authentication protocol, so I went step by step through different ways of accessing the Podio API earlier today to make sure I was doing it correctly and recording where I encountered unexpected results. Here are/were my findings: 

As you can see, I only encountered an expected empty array return when using the username & pass authentication method, which is what my Node.js code is using.

I ran these tests in the morning (around 8-9 AM). I just now (8-9 PM) tested the username & password method, and for some reason, now it is working, and it returns a full array of results. To make sure it wasn't my fault and that I didn't just start making requests correctly, I tried my Node.js program, which I never modified the code for, and it too is now working, whereas earlier it was failing because it was only retrieving an empty array.

So coincidence or not... issue solved? I guess?


EDIT: I feel kind of stupid about this, but I'm 80-90% sure this is now related to something a lot more simple than authentication flows... I think the profile belonging to the username and password I was using for API access through the user/pass flow did not have access to the workspaces/apps that I was trying to retrieve tasks for. I think it suddenly started working because a task inadvertently got added today to workspaces that it DID have access to.

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