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Cannot apply a limit on filter

I use latest Podio-PHP lib and I try to apply a limit on ::filter method:

`$items = PodioItem::filter(
     'filters' => array('category'=>array('a','b')),
     'limit' => 100

The number of filtered items without limit is 400.

With the call above, I get 400 items, regardless of provided limit. Is there something wrong in code above?

EDIT: I tried with no limit, and I get all items of target app (2000 items)? According to the documentation, default limit is 30.

Is the documentation is outdated or there's an issue in lib back-end?

Mathieu Smith

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Please consider that post closed. I based my toughts ont "filtered" value, but in fact, if I "count()" the values return in the object, I get the number of wanted data based on limit.

Thank you.

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