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    Domenico Matteo

    Hey Scott,

    You're correct when you say that the importer's rate-limit is exactly the same "bucket" as the other rate-limited ops, like Create.

    However, importing 1000s of items still count as a single (batched) operation, if done using the Importer endpoint. In your case, since you have to import into 3 applications, it will count as 3 operations, but not (3 * number of items).

    Hope that helps.


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  • Scott Costello

    Thanks for the information Domenico!  My issue with the Importer is that it will fire off the "create" webhooks with each item that gets created.  This will trigger more api calls.  When I add the items using the "Create" api call I can tell Podio not to fire off the hook.

    Is there a way I can tell Podio not to fire the hooks when using the importer endpoint?  I see it has an attributes parameter.

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