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Java API resource response

Is there an issue with the ItemsResponse mapping?

I seem to only be able to receive 20 items in a call, no matter how high I set to the limit. Iwas getting low numbers and set it to max at 500, which still only returned 20, then I set it to a more reasonable 50 and that also only returned 20. I then checked this against the getItemsCount and the ItemsResponse which both agree there are 123 items in the app.

When I run the same filter in php it will return all 123 items.

In the screenshot the following filter variables are:

  • limit = 50
  • offset = 0
  • sortBy = null
  • sortDesc = true



Alex White

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user incompetance.


I resolved my own issue, as I had been updating the api locally to match the new api calls and was not send the post params correctly. It is now fixed, and commited to github in a pull request with some other updates.

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