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Organizing meetings: Item date/time changes in Event-Apps - i.e. rescheduled meetings - should be pushed to external calendars

Hi Podio

I realize it is possible to connect the calendar in Podio (personal calendar, workspace calendar, or App events) to external calendars such as Outlook. This is described here: and

BUT, that is not enough. I don't want our company spending time for every person to set up this connection ... Waste of time, and many people will not know how and what to do.

So, a feature request:
Whenever an item (= event) in an Event-type App is changed, a new push must be sent to all participants (irrespective of whether they accepted, declined or did not reply yet) in their external calendars; mostly Outlook. This is really 101 of meeting organization! Without the ability to update and push such to calendars, the Event-type App is pure hazard.

Changes are not pushed out now, only 1 push is made to participants on the initial creation of the event in Podio (but, not to the organizer, who creates the event...). Therefore, now, it only creates complete confusion as to when/where the meeting is. Without any pushed out changes, the initial push is really a killer - it sits there in the calendar of CEO, CFO, SVP and never updates with changes/re-schedulings, causing stress and confusion.

I suggest the push invite is also sent to the creator/organizer - at least then this person also has an overview of what the participants are experiencing.

I hope you will consider this carefully and implement "push-on-update" on items in Event-type Apps.

Simon Midtgaard Guldberg Completed

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Thank you for taking the time to write this up Simon and I completely agree! I met with the dev team this week to discuss exactly this issue and we are looking into options. No timeline to share yet, but we are working on it.


/Peter, Podio Product Manager

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