Allow to filter "split-by" with 15+ items



  • Ron van der Plas

    Hi Stefan,

    Good idea. Would be nice if this could be implemented.


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  • Stefan Falkboman


    Ok, they're actually kept in A-Z order (seems random though since Swedish letters like ÅÄÖ are treated like A and O instead of put last like they should). My bad. 

    Request still remains the same though.

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  • Rian Bowden

    25 would probably do the trick for me, but why does there have to be a limit? If I have 100 categories I can see how that would be messy, but still better than only 15 of the hundred being visible.

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  • Mark

    Please implement this! Was trying to figure out where my "Referral Partners" went! Personally I'm all for unlimited and the ability to apply a sort order of alpha, number of items, ascending/descending.

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