Notifications trigger randomly from new items created via API



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    Casper Fabricius

    Hi Henrik,

    Notifications are "throttled", ie. if there's a lot of activity on an item in a very short amount of time, the API will stop generating notifications for a short while. This is to avoid overloading the user completely with notifications about the same thing.

    Specifically for you case which is about notifications about creating items, bear in mind that you have to follow the app where you create the item to get notified about newly created items.

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  • Henrik Huhtinen

    Thank you Casper, that explains the behaviour. How wide is the throttling, I mean is it per item, per app, per user..?

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  • Casper Fabricius

    Henrik, the throttling is per "notification reference". Ie. it is specific to the individual item, app etc. You will never miss a notification on one item, just because notifications on another item was throttled.

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