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Card-view: Possible to display more than one field from item?


I am using card-view for a to-do app. Each item is displayed with:

(1) A white bar showing the content of the top field in the given item

(2) A grey bar showing nothing.


Is it possible to get the grey bar to show the content of one of the other fields in the given item?


David Completed

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Hi everyone! 

As of just a few moments ago, cards are now customizable! The card layout now has an updated design and lets you choose which fields are shown in your cards.

To find this option, click the wrench icon in the upper left for your app, then go to "Layout Options" and find the "Card Layout" tab at the top. 

Thanks a lot to everyone who shared feedback on this here - we hope this new functionality will make the card layout even better for you!

/Jacquelyn - Podio

Jacquelyn May
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Thank you @jean-Claude Massé. But the Layout options in the wrench menu of the app is related to setting up the Badge-view I think?

David 0 votes
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I would say your best option is to perhaps create a calculation field (as the first field of the form) and then put the wanted information in there.  You can use markdown to format the field as well.

I haven't tested this out but it has worked for me when I've wanted specific information to show up in a table view column for a related field item.

Scott Costello 0 votes
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