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Task Priority

I was advised by Sara May to post this Feature Request for you consideration and, hopefully, your votes. I am not sure if anyone checks these things let alone vote for them but here goes.

There is no way to set Task Priorities. I know that there are labels and it appears, according to some of the posts I read on this subject, that Podio believes this meets the needs for prioritizing tasks. The problem, which is substantial when working with a team, is that these labels are private. Meaning that, even if I create a label and assign a task with that label, once I assign that task to my assistant or someone else on my team they can not see my expectations regarding that task. 

One of the recommendations I have been given is to use an actions app. I don't prefer that because it has to be inside a workspace and it is only possible to sort it one way. For example, I can sort according to the assigned team member or by priority. Not both.

If you think that a priority feature on Tasks is a good idea, or even if you don't care but don't think that it will hurt, please vote for this feature.

Jonny March

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Yes!  This is essential for letting team members know which tasks are most urgent/important.  This is another necessary and logical functions that should have been a part of tasks from the beginning

Justin Stewart Bell 1 vote

Yes!! Could Podio perhaps offer a feature along the lines of the Eisenhower Matrix? Four quadrants with "Important" and "Less Important" on the X axis and "Urgent" and "Less Urgent" on the Y axis? We definitely need a method for better task management.

Ryan Crystal 0 votes

Agreed, let's get an Urgent task feature that bumps the task up the list 

Stephen Sibley 1 vote