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  • Andreas Garnæs

    Hi Josh,

    1) You will need to iterate over the items in a paginated fashion using the parameters limit and offset. For syncing, it's usually better to rely on webhooks or real-time notifications ( rather than polling, however.
    2) You can apply for increased rate limits if this turns out to be an issue. Assuming you're using the API appropriately and providing value for customers, this is rarely an issue.
    3) What's the value of having a webhook per user instead of having a single webhook and differentiate on your end?

    I hope the above helps :)


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  • Joshua Baker

    Hi Andreas,

    Thank you for the solutions on filtering and rate limits. With regard to rate limits I'd be concerned if we had an influx if users who are syncing data or using webhooks to retrieve data from podio and we hit a rate limit. Is there a way to pay for the rate limit we user and if we exceed pay extra? From our end it wouldn't look good for our user hitting a rate limit.

    The reason for using a webhook per user was to take advantage of the fact that podio manages this feature really well through the api and it saves on programming time our end.

    If we did it the way you suggest It also means that our server acts as a middle man and has to manage where requests go. This is not necessarily a problem but if we were to create wordpress plugins it would be nice to just cut us out of the equation and people can access information directly from podio.

    Each user or group would want to sync their specific data to or from podio for offline use and also be able to use webhooks when connected. With regard to scalability and security is it better to create a separate app for each user/group or to use the same app. Is there a limit to the amount of items an app can handle?

    Sorry for the amount of Questions.

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  • Andreas Garnæs

    Rate limits: We currently don't offer paying for increased rate limits. If your integration helps Podio customers, and you're using the API appropriately, then it should not be an issue to get an increase. You can contact support to request an increase, but I would suggest you launch the product before you start worrying too much about the rate limits.

    Webhooks: For now, I'm afraid you'll have to go with the middleman solution for now. The restriction on webhooks can be lifted if we establish a trusted partner relationship.

    Number of items: If you get into millions of items, I would suggest using multiple apps rather than a single app.

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