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reference badges export to excel

The reference badges are really helpfull. But why is it not possible to include the reference badge-informations in the excel-export? We have an app for companies and an app for the contact persons. Via reference badges we can now show the company address in the contact persons-app, but we can't export it to excel (which is needed for serial letters). Either we export the companies-app, then I have company names and address but no contact persons. Or we export the contact persons-app, then we have the contact person and company name but no address :-(
Is there any workaround for our problem?

Iris Althoff Answered

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Hi Iris,

The reference badges are setting preferences, they can be cloned if you are cloning the app, however not exported along with items when exporting to excel. The preference belongs to the app you are referencing.
A workaround for you could be to add a calculation field that grabs the company address field.
Here is our article on calculations:

I hope that makes sense.

//Oliver - Podio

Oliver Wray 1 vote

Hi Oliver,

thank you very much for your support. I read the article and tryed to solve the problem. But it doesn't work. As I understand, "calculation" can reference any fields within the app, as well as any number-based fields within referenced apps. But the address is unfortunately no number-based field.
Do you have any other idea, that may be helpful?

Iris Althoff 0 votes

Thank you, Oliver. I submitted a ticket and Charlie from the Podio support team has solved my problem. I have to use a calculation field and grab the "@all of" field of the related app and then add .join(", ")
-> works great!

Iris Althoff 0 votes